Research Resources

On Interdisciplinarity

presentation by Laurent Elder

On Gender Analysis

presentation (1) and (2) by Gloria Bonder

On Ethics

SiRC is committed to meet the international standards in order to protect human subjects involved in research projects as well as to support the researchers in ensuring that ethical procedures are followed. SiRC will provide support for ethical review on research proposals involving human research participants. Note that many scientific journals require prior evidence of ethical procedures. While SiRC is not an internal review board (IRB), it will help Principal Investigators learn about such ethical procedures. NTU provides the following list of vulnerable populations ( Also the presentation by John Traxler on ethics is available here to help you refresh your memory from the workshop in Atlanta, March 2012.

The PI is responsible for ensuring that all research subjects give informed consent before enrolling into the research.

Research Videos

On Theories by Dr. Alexander Flor

On Qualitative Methods by Dr. Czarina Saloma-Akpedonu

On Quantitative Methods by Dr. Rahul De

On Literature in Education Research by John Traxler

On Domain Expectation Theory by Dr. Alexander Flor