Doctoral/Graduate Supervisor

  • Ph.D. Student Pei Xin (Graduated) Thesis: Mobile phone use at the intersection: The case of rural-urban female migrant workers within China

  • Ph.D. Student Yvonne Loh (Graduated) Thesis: ICTs for employability and empowerment: An analytical framework for addressing the digital divide in urban livelihoods

  • Ph.D. Student Nicola Krömer (Graduated; University of Erfurt Co-Supervisor) Thesis: Long-term effects of mHealth use in chronic disease self-management

  • Ph.D. Student Rajiv G. Aricat (Transferred, Graduated) Thesis: Impact of mobile phone on the acculturation of south Asian migrant workers in Singapore (Funded from $15K award from SIRCA grant PI Chib)

  • Ph.D. student Claire Stravato. (Passed Qualifying Exam) Thesis proposal: Coopted Marginality: A Discursive Opportunity Approach

  • Ph.D. student Cai Mengxuan. 

  • M.A. Communication Student Komathi A.L.E. (Graduated) Thesis: An ICT in education intervention to evaluate the impact of low-cost computers on the self-efficacy and literacy of primary school children in rural India (Funded from $15K award from SIRCA grant PI Chib)

  • M. Mass Communication Student Lin Daoyi (Graduated) Thesis: Empowerment or continued marginalisation? How transgenders use ICTs and are framed on the Internet

  • M. Mass Communication Student Swee Peng Foo (Graduated) Thesis: Singapore Residents’ Committees: Investigating factors influencing the credibility of leadership networks

  • M. Mass Communication Student May-Ann Lim (Graduated) Thesis: Stakeholder perspectives in ICT4health project implementation (Funded from World Vision International grant PI Chib)

Post-doctoral Supervisor

  • Kokil Jaidka (Ph.D. Nanyang Technological University) Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowship

  • Rosalie Hooi (Ph.D. National University of Singapore) MOE Tier 2 Grant 2017-T2-2-145

  • Caitlin Bentley (Ph.D. Royal Holloway University of London) SIRCA III grant

  • Elisa Oreglia (Ph.D. Berkeley University) WKWSCI Shaw Foundation Chair Fellowship

  • Qiaolei Jiang (Ph.D. Chinese University of Hong Kong) WKWSCI Post-doctoral Fellowship 2011

Visiting Doctoral Scholar Supervisor

  • Caining Li; Jilin University
  • Nicola Krömer; Erfurt University
  • Michelle van Velthoven; Imperial College London
  • Joe Phua; University of Southern California

Visiting Graduate Scholar Supervisor

  • Julie Rytter Danielsen; Roskilde University

International Mentor

  • Kanliang Wang; Xi’an JiaoTong University, China
  • Shefali Oja; Nyaya Health, Nepal
  • Paz Olivera; Instituto de Estudios Peruanos, Peru
  • Fareeha Sultan; Pakistan

Ph.D. Examiner

  • Anders Klingberg (Karolinska Institutet): Mobile teleconsultations in acute burn care : acceptance and user-experience among emergency care providers in resource-poor settings
  • Brendon Wolff-Piggott (University of Cape Town): Appropriation of an mHealth Service in Primary Health Care Clinics: Activity, Hierarchy and Collaboration
  • John Robert Bautista: Predictors and impact of nurses’ use of personal mobile phones at work: An empirical study in the Philippines.
  • Ha Haji (University of Cape Town): Investigating mobile graphic-based reminders to support compliance of tuberculosis treatment.
  • Rita Zahara: Countering Terrorism with Communication.
  • Chi JianXing: Factors influencing new parent’s beliefs and decision making about childhood immunization: Exploring a comprehensive belief/attitude model in the new media context.

Graduate Examiner

  • Pranav Malhotra: Mobile phone use among female live-out domestic workers in Delhi.
  • Yeo Sulin: Adding value to organizations: An examination of the role of senior public relations practitioners in Singapore.
  • Foo Swee Peng: Singapore Residents' Committees (RCs): Network centrality, information flow, authority and credibility.
  • Han Teck Juan: Explaining traffic flow between thematic blogs.