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Staying plugged in: Video app TikTok gives migrant workers a means to stay connected for Support. Chua, Eunice. Straits Times. 26 October 2020.

Regional Policy Forum on the Promotion of ASEAN Integration through Open and Distance Higher Education . UNESCO Bangkok. 30 November 2015.

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mHealth in Papua New Guinea. Interview with Roger Hau'oufa. 100FM. 9-10AM, 4 Mar 2013.

Awardees tackle Sustainability Challenges. Interview with Anna Dirksen. ProSPER.Net News, Issue IV, Mar/Oct, 2011.

NTU don goes Third World. Interview with Yu Pei Fern. Today, Sunday Edition. 23 October, 2011.

Young and Restless. Feature by Lester Kok. HEY!Nov-Dec, 2011.

Facebook, obsession? Interview with Joyce Lim, New Paper. 13 November, 2011.

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Face to Face? I'd rather Facebook. Interview with Joyce Lim, New Paper. 26 February, 2011.

Exploring the Cell Phone's Role in Disaster. Interview with Corey Reynolds, Natural Hazards Observer, September 2008.

Midwives and Mobile Phones. Interview with James Addis, Senior Editor. Advocacy and Communication Magazine. Seattle. May, 2006.

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